Cache API Developer (Remote)


Job Description

Position: Cache API Developer (Remote Position)
Interview Type: Telephone
Visa Type: US Citizen or GC
Hourly Rate: DOE

Create and implement highly scalable and reliable distributed data architectures using NOSQL technologies, including data distribution networks to deliver data into the data storage layer and API components for Client Application Integration into Data Storage layer. Additionally create and implement data quality and monitoring infrastructure.

Required Experience:

* 4+ Years Experience designing, developing , deploying & Supporting large scale distributed systems and Java in a distributed environment
* 5+ Years of LAN/WAN protocols (TCP, UDP, FTP, JMS etc) and Data Serialization formats (Avro, POF, Thrift, JSON, XML etc
* 3+ Building fault tolerance and failover patterns into Distributed Systems and Distributed Database Design and Development at large scale (Coherence, Cassandra, NoSQL, etc and data loading experience in a Distributed Data Base environment and performance and optimization in a large distributed system environment

The Ideal candidate must have:

* Network & Application Protocols
* Java (not J2EE)
* Java Performance
* Unix
* Cassandra, NoSQL
* Distributed Systems
* Fault Tolerance Systems
* High Performance System Architecture

Desired Skills:

* Experience with API Development
* Experience with or Knowledge of ZooKeeper
* Experience with Hardware (specifically tailoring HW for Distributed Systems)
* Experience with creating tools, test harnesses and developer utilities
* Experience with Machine Learning methods and tools
* Experience with Agile & Test Driven development
* Excellent communication and presentation skills
* Experience with Git and Gerrit