Analytics using Google API

Analytics using Google API


Job Description

Hi, I am looking for a develop a project (Google Analytic) using Google API. It is a small pilot project. We need a demo to be developed and once we through this, we will have a bigger scope of this project.

What we are looking for this.

1) Use Google API to query info about a retailer in the whole us.
The way I think we can do this is to use Google places api. We can allow the user to specify a place type. ie. restaurant, store, school, etc. - in our case it will likely be a retail store, shopping location.

2) Use a US list of post codes to query in sequential order

3) Allow the user to specify the name of the retailer - i.e. McDonalds

4) Store each query result in detail such as Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Hours, Geo Code, etc. Pretty much anything that is available for the result.

The system will have to query each zip code and result in each zip code to extract the data.

That is all we need to do in this quote.