Product CSV File Re-work

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Job Description


I have a product CSV from a FoxPro database that needs to be re-worked for a modern e-commerce site. The descriptions and photos have all been for internal use, and now we need to find nice photos as well as good descriptions and call names to go with all of our inventory. We have around 6,000 SKUs. Also, like SKUs (either a collection, or parts of a table or bed) need to be grouped together.

Most of this involves going to vendor websites or simply googling manufacturer item numbers to find images of the items needed. Also, typically descriptions can be found with the images. As well as dimensions if they have not been filled out yet. You will make up call names as you go for collections or individual items.

I have been working with a CSV file separate from the FoxPro database, but it would be best to find someone who can work with FoxPro to make the changes needed in the master database and not a separate file.