hardware/software golf club fitting device

hardware/software golf club fitting device


Job Description

A supposed six-week project has turned into a two-year project (and counting), with a first prototype not functioning sufficiently and a second apparently just days away from being delivered when the developer unfortunately had a stroke. He continues to be out of commission for an unknown time and he may never be able to deliver or even provide any documentation of what has been done thus far. The time and money spent could be a total loss and I now find myself with far less patent protection time and available budget.

Briefly, the device comprises hardware 3-D motion detection that likely attaches to a golf club, accurately gathers 3-D golf club movement and position data with respect to time during golfer pre-swing movement (before a golf swing even begins), and further requires appropriate software programming to determine any pre-swing rotation point locations (which most golfers will have) along the length of the golf club in the course of any given golfer's pre-swing movement.

A determined rotation point location is then applied (in the form of a fulcrum location) on a discrete scale (also needed), which cumulatively results in a new golf club balancing specification named "waggle weight" (for those familiar enough with golf, this is an advancement of the already-long-proven golf club specification named swingweight).

The appropriate patent (US # 8,074,495) is already in place for inspection if desired. I can no longer wait to hear from this contractor before trying to forge some new relationships to help move the project forward as quickly as possible. Hourly or project rates can be considered and the size of the project is really an unknown to me at this point. Thanks.

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