MatLab or R Programming


Job Description

1. This assignment will make use of the NEXRAD precipitation and MODIS land surface temperature (LST) data. Each file consists of a monthly value (average temperature, summed precipitation) for June, July and August ranging from 2005-2012. Each file consists of a 200x200 grid ranging from latitudes 35 to 45 and longitudes -105 to -95.

a) Load in each file and save them to a precipitation and a temperature matrix.
b) Plot the total summer precipitation (8 plots) and average summer temperature (8 plots) maps for each year,
an average plot of each across the 2005-2012 period (2 plots), and an image showing the inter annual
variability (1 plot).

c) Plot a scatter plot of the mean precipitation vs. the mean temperature (1 plot).

d) Plot on a single graph the time series of of precipitation and temperature for the grid cell containing Lawrence, KS (1 plot).
Include all figures and text file of code.

Use R programming. Done in as few steps as possible.

Skills: r-project