ios facebook open graph tutorial

ios facebook open graph tutorial


Job Description

I need someone teach me how to implement facebook open graph on iOS APP. The functionality I want to have is post some numeric data on timeline from my app, and then all my friend who download this app can see them. And I can see theirs too. It is like the sample "RPSSample" which Facebook SDK provides. The sample file is in the attachment.My backend server uses PHP.

I just need someone to lead me go though these steps and make an improvement of RPSSample. When friends post their data, I can see theirs on a table on my app. And I don't need to touth their name one by one like RPSSample . Just teach me how to create custom story, action, object.. etc until I can code the app I want. For developer who are experienced, this is an easy job.
Give me a textual ,detailed tutorial is acceptable. And you still own copyright.

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