Business Process Modeler Required Urgently (Potential Long Term Work)

Business Process Modeler Required Urgently (Potential Long Term Work)


Job Description

We are seeking a Business Process Modeler urgently and this job has the potential to be Long Term for exceptional contributors

The primary role of the Business Process Modeler is to ensure that business processes and supporting systems continue to meet end users' needs.

This person is a hands-on worker who will drive the creation of process models (primarily conceptual/ logical models) and RFPs/RFIs and work with others to provide the supporting process ecosystem and implementations (including screen interactions, dashboards, rule management and optimization algorithms).

This position deals with the more tactical, day-to-day aspects of discovering, validating, documenting and communicating business-process-related knowledge through modeling current and future states. The Business Process Modeler ensures that changes to the process environment are carried out in a seamless fashion.

--------- Responsibilities and Activities -------------


• Models and enhances important business process diagrams, according to BPMN 2.0 standard and Decision Tables
• Understands how the business processes support business and corporate strategies and objectives
• Understands how the implemented applications and processes support the business processes
• Demonstrates, via models, the opportunities for best-in-class process management to the process owner
• Reviews the range of solutions available, and presents options and recommendations to the stakeholders on which ones to use


• Communicates and translates the required capabilities and outcomes effectively between business process areas and supporting departments (such as the IT organization)
• Searches internal and external resources for prebuilt models, templates and services to meet process needs
• Educates process stakeholders on how to identify and solve process challenges through the simulation of different scenarios, analysis of performance metrics and advanced optimization techniques


• Performs continuous reviews to align processes (fe.g. models, goals and expectations) with changing business conditions
• Contributes to defining, developing, implementing and maintaining business process improvement methodology
• Maintains and shares process knowledge by embracing methods, techniques, notations, standards and best practices
• Provides access to relevant training on BPM concepts and the corollary change management methods and techniques
• Collaborates with IT peers in enterprise architecture, business intelligence (BI), corporate performance management and other disciplines regarding the common theme of business performance improvement

----------- Experience -------------

• Process modelling experience, especially experience that leverages technology as part of the solution
• Project management experience
• Business domain experience in marketing, IT, and websites
• Familiarity with balancing cross-functional business initiatives
• Solid experience with process redesign methods (such as business process re-engineering etc.)
• Hands-on experience with process modeling, analysis and simulation tools
• Experience with end-user-oriented technology, such as BI or performance metrics, helpful

--------- Required Knowledge and Skills ----------------

• Knowledgeable in designing and constructing comprehensive models of business processes, subprocesses and their links to automated tasks in IT
• Ability to be empathetic to the needs and desires of both business and IT
• Ability to effectively communicate both the logic and values that lead to change
• Knowledge of relevant business process standards (for example, Business Process Modeling Notation 2.0)
• Ability to adapt to rapidly changing technology and apply it to business needs
• Strong analytical and conceptual skills, and the ability to create original concepts on projects
• Ability to lead ownership transfer from project teams to the business Key Behaviors and Competencies
• Ability to work well with others
• Strong communications skills
• Strong project and time management skills
• Respected leader and team player
• More interested in results than personal preferences
• Motivated by a long-term perspective
• Intellectually inquisitive

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