Data Entry Specialist

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Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities
Accurate interpretation, compilation, and entering of data in the computer system.

Proper analysis and verification to ensure data integrity.
Storing correct information in the desired database locations.
Completion of the required task within the desired deadline.
Manage additional responsibilities including troubleshooting, file back-ups, regular updating, and retrieval of data, as and when required.
Maintain confidentiality regarding the information being dealt with.

Essential Skills Required
Excellent command over the English language - written and oral.
Data analysis and interpretation skills.
Computer management skills.
Speed and accuracy with attention to detail.
Ability to meet deadlines.

Educational Qualifications
A minimum qualification of a high-school diploma with computer literacy is a must.

Additional Skills
Typing speed between 40-60 words per minute.
Advanced knowledge of MS Office.


Data entry jobs have a wide scope, and are not confined to any particular sector.

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Skills: english, typing, analysis, troubleshooting, management