Forex Marketing

Forex Marketing


Job Description

I want to start a Forex Mentoring Institution.
My aim is to teach people to trade in the Forex market and earn consistently.

Your goal is to bring me students.

I want you to promote my Forex system/strategy.
I will give you the necessary info to promote.
I don't care how do you promote it you can create Webpage,Blog,Facebook page,Group,whatever you like.

All you need to do is bring me students.

My courses will be around (10000BDT to 30000BDT)

I am willing to give 10% of my profit from per student to you.

For Example,
Basic Course Fee :10000BDt /You Get 1000BDT(PER STUDENT)
Advance Course Fee :30000Bdt /You Get 3000BDT(PER STUDENT)

Don't take it as job only.
This is like a partnership thing where trust is very essential.I look forward to consider people like you
,who are worthy enough,in my inner circle

As soon as I get my first student I will pay you instantly.

Payment will be made Hand to Hand,Moneybookers or Payoneer.

I don't have credit card,so I can't pay through Odesk,I am very sorry.

Don't take it only as a job.
This is like a partnership thing where trust is very essential.

Bangladeshi contractors with Web Design,SEO,Blog and Article Writing,Advertising experience are most welcomed.
You are also encouraged for direct meetings.

Please Give Me Your Advises and Ask Me Questions.

IMPORTANT : After I interview you,I will give you all the necessary information you need to promote.

Skills: marketing, facebook, design