Intelligent, business-minded Video Editor required (contract)


Job Description

Hourly Rate: $1 - $6


We need an individual capable of editing raw video content, first by cutting out unnecessary clips, then re-ordering the remaining clips so they have a logical flow.

The ability to judge which clips to cut/keep is fundamental for this task. We will be happy if you are able to understand which clips are important/better than other clips to include in the final edit.

This is likely to become a long-term working relationship.

You can see an example of what we require here:

You will be:
1. Watching business workshop raw video material
2. Cutting unnecessary clips (e.g., the conversation was repeated, so the less articulately worded version gets cut. Or the speaker went off topic, etc).
3. Editing the general colour and background noise of the final edit clips.
4. Using your own judgement to order the clips to have a logical flow.
5. Send us a draft of what you are thinking to keep in the final edit.
5. (potentially) re-ordering/cutting clips after we review your draft.

Contractor requirements

I am looking for a contractor who meets the following requirements:

1. Has very strong English skills and understands a variety of accents in English
2. Understands which clips are important/better than others to include in the final edit.
3. Is familiar with a video editing software (such as adobe premiere, but you can choose what you want to use).
4. Is familiar with dropbox/google drive/google docs
5. Ability to do basic video editing (cutting clips, editing background noise, colour adjusting, image overlay, etc).
6. Ability to complete tasks quickly.

How to apply

Please respond telling us about your experience and include the following:

1. What makes you have the ability to understand which clips are important/better than others to include in the final edit.
2. Your proficiency video editing software
3. Why you are interested in working on this task with us