Capture Software


Job Description

Capture Software
To Create Capture software that captures desktop, records, splits the recorded material into chapters, users can view material in software and published for view on a web browser.

Please download ezvid and have look at the interface... similar interface with ezvid.. that sort of qulality

I To be able to capture the desktop
There will be some sort of mini capture menu say at the top right of the screen that hovers above all windows when they press record. This will show that they are in record mode.
They should be able to stop, rewind pause play.

In record mode
They should be able to press record.
When recording if they make a mistake they should be able to press stop, go back a little bit with say some sort of locator and play back what they have just recorded.
They should be able to record over the part they have made an error.
This helps for correcting mistakes.
They should be able to increase the volume of the mic.
They should have an indicator showing their mic is connected.
They should have a bar showing the progress of their recording.
To playback what they have done so far I believe they have to come out of the small menu into the software (what do you think?)
When they are finished they should be able to play back the whole video in the software.

Edit mode
Now they have their video.
They should be able to play the video and pick a point and split the video.
They should be able to create a chapter somewhere in edit mode and assign the cut piece to the chapter.
Preferably by dragging and dropping the video to the chapter needed.
You can create new chapters attach documents to chapters, i.e. word or PowerPoint or pdf or pictures.
You can remove or reattach documents. You can remove or re add videos.
After you split the video you should always be able to revert back to the original video.
The video should be in a very easy to use format. A format that will not take up space and should be very user friendly. We can talk about the format. Mpg mpeg, mov flv e.t.c

User mode
The user should be able to open the software go to library and see a library of different videos created. See PowerPoint slide 1.
The user could view a local website saved in a folder which is published by the software.
So for example when the video with the chapters are created. You go to Tools menu and press publish a menu for publish as webpage is seen. You press publish and a folder is created with the web contents. This will be done in such a way that it can all be viewed locally not on the internet.
So you can zip the file and send it to someone and they can view the lesson.

Other functionalities
Be able to transition smoothly between chapters or between different videos in a chapter.

Other things to consider (the same quality as ezvid)
The visual look or record mode
The visual look of edit mode
The visual look of published mode
The installer for the software
Running the installer straight from a cd
A version that can be changed to trial for 6 month