Virtual Assistant and audio transcription


Job Description

I'm looking for a Full Time virtual assistant to work remotely from home. You must have a good internet connection and computer along with a mic and webcam.

You should have decent knowledge of ISLAM (or be a Muslim) as some of the work will require this knowledge.

You must have very good English and have decent written English too. You should be able to transcribe audio at a very good pace without making too many errors and while ensuring that punctuation, spelling is correct along with good formatting of text.

You should be able to use your initiative as well as be able to follow instructions.

Please DO NOT APPLY if your English is not good.


I am looking for someone to work long term with me and who will get a regular income.

You should be able to work the hours that I set for you and work very closely with my over Skype / Gtalk.

**I want someone who can start IMMEDIATELY (Today)**