Google Map/ Ggmap Maker

Google Map/ Ggmap Maker


Job Description

I need to create several hundred google map with google map maker in order to appear in google results on suggestions google map on the first page.
I also want to secure my card because apparently Some competitors hacking my google map cards.

the opération Job is to appear in pole position in google map in some sections (plumber, locksmith and heating) in 20 districts of Paris (8 times per district)

Do you have a méthode to create a lot of ggmap for to be in good position on web search and securise them agains hacking ?

I need you to show me a test for 20 example only for thé beginning.

If the test is good (validated by google and good position in google map webs earch), i have a job for 1200 $ * 30 sheets and more.

Price for one sheet is 1 $.

For The test of 20 sheets, it 's 20 $.