Senior Film / Movie 3D VFX Artist - TEST PROJECT

Senior Film / Movie 3D VFX Artist - TEST PROJECT


Job Description

This posting is for a paid test project which is required before we choose a final VFX artist to work on our forthcoming short film.

University professor in the U.S. is seeking a highly-talented and experienced visual effects artist to work on an independent micro-budget film project for a group of film students. A key aspect of the project is being able to take computer models and place them convincingly in existing live-action film footage. This requires photo-realistic modeling, shadows, lighting, reflections, camera tracking, depth, etc. More basic requirements require that the artist must have experience with action films and action film VFX, including VFX explosions, muzzle flairs, etc. However, convincing 3D modeling is an absolute imperative as is considerable experience with rotoscoping, compositing, and chromakey.

Again, this first project is a test project that is required to be completed within 2 weeks of receiving the assignment. Based upon the results of the test project we will provide the oDesk professional with additional follow-on projects thereafter. We are looking for those with extensive skills and experience. We will hire the person we believe represents the best ratio of price versus skill/experience. Again, pricing/rates will be a key differentiator as the students have a very limited budget.

ADHERENCE TO SCHEDULES IS CRITICAL. We typically ask our oDesk providers to set their own deadlines. Unfortunately, we have found that as many as 2/3 of oDesk providers are unable to meet the deadlines that they themselves have established. If you are a finalist for this project, we will provide you a test project (for which you will be paid), if you are unable to meet scheduled deadlines you will not be hired for the contract no matter how high the quality of your completed test project. Further, if you are granted the contract and then fail to meet additional deadlines, the contract will be terminated. If you are based in Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, we ask that you pay particular attention to this requirement. Providers from these regions have proven notorious for their inability to adhere to deadlines and to properly communicate on a regular and timely basis.