Transcribing handwritten letters from the 2 World War


Job Description

I want to digitise the letters my mother write during the 2 World War, ranging from several to one per week in order to edit them into book from.

The letters will be scanned but then handwriting is difficult, and there are lots of names etc. You will need to transcribe the letters in the same date order numbering as the originals. There is a précis i prepared to help with this. I would like ot receive a word document whic will enable me to search names, places, etc so consistency is critical.

I am looking for someone with an excellent command of the English language who will use their intelligence to decipher words that maybe hard to read (some of the letters are typed as well).

This will be an interesting project as you follow the life of a 19 year Norfolk girl who joins up and ends up in Egypt and then in Germany, her highs, lows, romances, love of fashion and hairstyles. \plus an account of the war as she held a relatively senior role as an officer in the WRENs (Navy).

I would suggest doing a sample so we can work out a fee for a certain number of letters rather than an hour by hour basis, although we will calculate based on an hourly rate, which you please include in your application

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