Job Description

1. The Elastix Dialer
The outbound calls executed by Elastix Dialer as soon as the called party answers should begin playing the pre-recorded greeting and introductory message. This message may be changed by the Agent at any time. The records are all archived in the vTigerCRM DB and ought to be aligned with Asterisk MySQL DB too. The record can be uploaded from both the Elastix or vTiger MySQL DB. The message being played, we are referring to, is to be recorded by the Agent responsible for that area.

1.2 How the process might work.
This is merely a method among others that you may know that could be worth to this purpose. However, we do not desire any other Call Center Dialer distribution in the way but the only Asterisk.

A. The Admin can make the agents to call the leads, contacts and accounts. He may put a different target to any of the agents.

B. The host starts the outbound process as soon as the Agent/s responsible for their area has logged in. The server will then start calling the targets predefined by the Admin.

C. Of course the campaign assigned to the Agent/s may be different from one another.

D. Every Agent manages exclusively an area; he/she teams up with the Field Sale Manger.

B. The system, as soon as the called party answers, starts playing the greeting and introductory message that the Agent had previously recorded with his own voice.

C. The called party should be able to a) dial a digit if he/she is interested to know more about the proposal that is being offered, or b) any other digit to hang up on the calling party: the server.

1) In the first event, before the communication is being made by the system between the parties, of which the initial is the party from vTigerCRM DB Lead, Contact or account section. The second the agent who should get the called party record on his screen as soon as he answers the call supervising the communication. Last but not least, the third party, who would be the server, sgould start recording all the conversation at the Admin discretion.

2) In the second case the system should delete the record and keep calling the following leads in the in vTigerCRM DB associated with that agent “area” advertising campaign.

3) Nevertheless, if the called party is engaged or does not answer the call or a fax / answering machine is detected; the OSDial should move forward to address the next lead, contact or account.

1.3 vTigerCRM Marketing modules
To understand the productivity of the Agent/s, we would like to use the Marketing / Lead / Contact / Account modules and make all the possible statistics that the CRM may provide by default.

4) Asterisk Call Center should allow the Admin to understand the agents that have logged in / out. They could be local or somewhere around the world.
5) The designer / developer should target the Dialer to manage a max of 25 (twenty five) local or remote agents.

2. Asterisk
The outbound call process should be done by the server, through Asterisk Call Center VoIP/PSTN lines, that as we said before, ought to forward the record of the party being addressed to the Agent screen. The leads to be called are listed in the vTigerCRM DB. On the agent, screen ought to appear the entire record as soon as the call is executed to allow the conversation between the two only after the called party has dialed a code to “know more”

3. Asterisk inbound calls
The inbound will be answered, by the same agent who called the lead, contact or account before. If the caller is an account or a new lead, whose data have been already recorded in the systems DB, by detecting the CLI, the system will bring up on the agent screen the entire record of the calling party. VTigerCRM and Asterisk DB ought to be always aligned.

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