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Job Description

Ziptask is a layer of cloud-based project management that sits atop any and all other freelancer platforms. We are growing and we need project managers.

Ziptask oversight (the project manager) takes care of the tedious process of pre-screening, interviewing, hiring, explaining, managing, and reviewing work product performed by online freelancers, developers, designers, etc.. This is a huge time savings, and ensures projects follow a structured and standard approach, preventing the typical failure scenarios from occurring in most cases.

before applying here on odesk, (which you should do), please apply on our internal page at

please specify on that page you are applying as a project manager (there is a drop-down for that)...

we need some folks with the following:
- exceptional english skills (no foreign language challenges)
- strong information technology background (not necessary to code, but you should have experience in tech)
- at least 7 years experience in an information technology department or arena
- deep understanding of technology platforms and project management processes

Certified in project management is a bonus.
If you are a developer or have graphic design background as well, even better...

Skills: management, software-development, english, design