Updating my site

Updating my site


Job Description

My site www.dbag.dk needs extra hand of a web developer or designer specialized in smarty template. The site built on Oxyclassified (http://www.oxyclassifieds.com/) , this is PHP Script. I have five tasks that need to achived, the first 2 tasks are give already and the other 3 tasks will be provided later if you do a great job.

I want the category menu of my site to be changed to
The menu above is the menu I want.
NB: My site’s template is a smarty template and the menu you will be changing to is JQUERY VERTICAL MEGA MENU.

TASK N0: 2
- I have a slideshow created by Amazing Slider software, (www.amezingslider.com) Which I want to replace with the slideshow on my site (www.dbag.dk)
- Removing red boxes around the products in featured ads and latest ads
- On “latest ads” there should not be any movement like on featured ads. The final look should be like this
TASK N0 : 3
- LISTING.PHP - I will give you taske no: 3, 4 and 5, if I am satisfied with the first two tasks, I will decide whether you are the one I want.
- Changing Layout of listing

TASK N0: 4
- Category in the admin panel -
Task NO: 5
- Verification of all unfinished tasks
- Project done.

Skills: layout-design

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