Gamification / UX Expert for Game Concept for Spanish Course

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I have developed a full Spanish course consisting of thousands of multiple choice questions designed to teach English-speaking users all of the vocabulary and grammar necessary to be a high-level Spanish speaker.

I have organized these questions into dozens of milestones to go from being a beginner student to being an advanced Spanish speaker.

I now need ideas for how I can put these questions into an entertaining format.

Since they're all multiple choice, I was thinking that I could do something along the lines of a trivia game such as Trivia Burst or Quizoid on the iPhone.

Or, if you could come up with an even more creative format to work towards levels or milestones testing the user on trivia-style knowledge, then that would be even better!

I'm not looking for any coding or graphic design. This is just to come up with a detailed idea for a game or a quiz program that incorporates game-like elements to make learning Spanish as fun as possible.

If you're capable of doing wireframe designs then please mention that, although that might best be left for a separate, follow-up project if I want to move forward with your game idea.

If you prefer to work on a fixed price basis, I'm happy to do that.