Video Blogger Giving Dating Tips & Advice for YouTube Videos

Video Blogger Giving Dating Tips & Advice for YouTube Videos


Job Description

Do you like giving advice to others?

Do you enjoy being in front of the camera?

We're looking for a talented individual to create short 2-3 minute videos, where you would be giving dating advice and tips to guys. You would be responsible to creating the content. It can be a casual or formal presentation, as long as you're engaging (ie. not boring).

Some possible topics could be:
- Good ideas for first dates
- Bad ideas for first dates
- How to tell if a girl likes you
- How to let a girl know you're interested in her
- Simple ways to show you care about someone
- Romantic/Date night ideas
- Creative date ideas
- What NOT to do on a first date

In order to apply for this job you will need:

1. A camera to record your videos with
2. To speak English (a heavy accent is fine as long as you can be understood)

If you are interested in applying please do the following:

1. Include the word "Bonjour!" in the first line of your reply
2. Include at least one short sample video offering some dating advice
3. Include your rate and whether that includes editing your own videos or not

For the right person this could be and hopefully would be enjoyable, as the job is basically having fun while sharing advice on video. Here's an example of what we're looking for:

She's fun to watch, looks like she's having fun sharing the tips but at the end of the day she's also giving really good advice! So you're enjoying yourself while learning about dating. That's the goal and that's what I'm looking for :)

So you would be coming up with your own script. If you have some topics in mind you could make those suggestions or if you're not sure topics will be provided for you.

The videos you create could be very intentional or more spontaneous. For example, you could be out with friends and decide, "hey, why don't I make a quick dating advice video." Maybe you saw a guy approaching a girl and it went really well or really bad and you want to tell everyone what you just saw.

So these videos could be very informal and that might actually help! The bottom line is trying to creating something that's fun to watch and if you're a guy watching the video, you're thinking "wow, I'm glad she told me that! or that's really helpful to know" :)

If you're interested in applying, the first step would be to send in an application video.

For your application video, we'd like to see you do a quick 2-5 minute video of yourself giving some advice (though feel free to make a longer video if you like). I would use a higher quality camera if you have it but whatever you have is fine (ie. an iphone would work well). When it comes to YouTube, being engaging and sharing something in a way that people would enjoy watching is far more important than video quality.

What you can do is choose 1 of the topics below to create a video about:

- How to know if a woman/girl is interested in you (likes you)
- How to be attractive to women/girls
- How to know when a girl wants to kiss you
- How to approach a girl
- first date ideas (good and/or bad)
- Top 10 mistakes guys make with girls
- talking to your crush (how to)
- How to talk to a girl for the first time
- things guys do that girls hate
- How to act around a girl you like
- How to find out if a girl likes you (w/out it being awkward)

(You can also add your own twist or version to any of these)

For example, if you had a bad date experience you would feel comfortable talking about then that could work. Even better would be if you can add what the guy should have done or would have made the date better. Something like "listen guys, don't do this, this is what happened... but instead do this" kind of an approach.

Your audience would be guys so you can act like you're giving advice to a guy friend. Some pointers would be to be yourself, be genuine but also think about doing/saying things that help create interest. This is definitely meant to be something fun and so you can think about people on YouTube you've watched that stood out to you and find your own personal way to do something fun/creative. If you have a story that's relevant that works great as well. You don't have to worry about editing the video. You certainly can if you like but don't worry about it.

You can then send the video file using and use as the email address to send it to. You can also upload to youtube and send a link.

These videos are going to be used to help build out a dating advice channel on YouTube. It will be similar to writing a bunch of articles to post to a blog only this will be videos instead. So you're welcome to use your name, a pen name or no name at all. It's completely fine if you want to remain anonymous.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask--

We look forward to hearing from you!