Image distinction library

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Job Description

Project Title:
Image distinction library

Project Description:

I think about the development of the logo image recognition system.
This system can identify the existence of an appointed product logo from all over the image provided than a digital camera on Windows.
The information of a logo image used at the time of matching registers an analysis result with a database beforehand.

Details of a request :

1.Library development using OpneCV

- Template making processing
- Matching processing
- The library is used in C#

2.Template database making

- Management of template data used at the time of matching

* A search key: Template data = 1: n
* Approximately 1000-3000 record
* The DBMS is not necessarily necessary for performance without a problem
(whether available with a file and a file name and a management file?)

function :

1. Template making process

- registration processing

1) Data analysis processing
-- The input is image data and an analysis parameter
-- The output is an image analysis result
2) Analysis result registration
-- The input a search key and an analysis result
-- The processing contents enroll in a database
in a search key and the pair of the analysis result

- Database maintenance processing
-- Update of data
-- Addition
-- Deletion2.matching process

2. matching process

- Interface

1) Input
-- The picture file which is provided from a digital camera
-- Search key (plural number)
2) The output
-- The result good or bad
-- Result image (detection position) for the search key which I detected
-- Undetected search key

- Processing contents

1) Analysis of the input image data
2) The acquisition of the template (from DB)
3) Confirm whether all the templates which I acquired are included in input image data
4) Output a judgement result and a result image (detection positions)

3.Development language
- .NET Visual C #
- .NET Visual C++
- .NET Visual Basic
- OpenCV

4.usage environment
- Windows7 32,64bit

5.Delivered goods
- Program cord
- Development environment setting procedure book
- Class specifications

6.Attached file
- I attach the sample of the input image.
An example includes eight kinds of logo data in an image.

Skills: .net

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