Media Editor

Media Editor


Job Description

Media Editor (Audio/Video)

Job Description
This position requires advanced or expert knowledge of video and audio editing platforms/techniques. This position is primarily responsible for post-production workflow, including but not limited to: metadata tagging, multimedia asset management and assembling raw materials into finished products suitable for streaming or download. Assets may consist of raw camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects.

The Media Editor will work closely with production management to achieve desired results, both via pre-production planning and throughout the post-production process. The Media Editor also assists with on-site video production and quality control on an as-needed basis.

· 3+ years audio and video editing and production experience
· Considerable knowledge of the methods, video equipment and techniques used in the video and audio editing fields
· Animation, motion graphics, sound design and video compression expertise required

· Skills
· Media Asset Management knowledge.
· Maintain positive and cooperative rapport with staff, management and clients.
· Avid, curious learner, social media savvy
· Organized, detail-oriented, multi-tasker.
· Must possess an acute visual sense and developed organizational skills.
· Must work well under pressure and thrive under tight deadlines. Must be flexible and capable of handling multiple assignments at once.
· Ability to occasionally work nights or Saturdays, if required. Flexibility to alter shifts/days off to accommodate projects and departmental objectives.
· Ability to effectively communicate ideas orally and in writing.

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