Squarespace: Adding a Dropdown List to the Flatiron Index Sites

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

For this job I would like to hire 3 different programmers. I would like to have 3 solution where I put in the code via "injection" to the relevant pages and then I decide which solution is the best. If you provide the best solution, then you might get more difficult tasks from me!

On my page


I would like a nicer structure: Clicking on "Portfolio" I would also like a dropdown-menu with the same items as defined in the INDEX page, so the drop down will show "Best of", "Mustang".. and clicking on the drop down you will of course reach the same page as with clicking on the picture. This structure would be also ideally suited for the section "Links". The user has first a fast and organized way to reach the links AND he has a nice animated way to do the same! I would really like to combine these features! Any solutions? Best solution would be adding additional code via "Injection Code" either to a page or the whole header! THIS WOULD BE MY FAVORITE SOLUTION, as then I don't need to interfere with the whole source code.
If you think this is easy or have programmed it already, then please let me know and propose a prize and time horizon!

Any questions? Please ask!
Many thanks!