Real Estate Website

Real Estate Website


Job Description

We are building a template real estate website that provides the same features as this company

We like the property search feature this real estate template company offers. At this is one of their customer websites that has home buyer property search features we like. We don’t like the professional design of the websites for this company. We want to create a real estate template website that has the same features as provides on their real estate websites. We want our real estate template website to look high class with a professional look.

We have started building a template real estate website at it does not have a property search feature with a map on the homepage.

New Project Outline:

We want to pay $200 to have the following services completed on our real estate template website.

We want to redesign this website and remove the testimonial section, the mortgage calculators, and the loan officer section at the bottom of the website. We want to recreate this website to have the same home buyer search features as the “pages” on the If needed, we have access to a Realtor website (username & password) that has a template website from

We want to have the following features built into this website, Property Search (Search by Listing Number, Search by Zip, Search by Map, Search by City)”, “New Listings Page”, “Price Changes”

Once, this project is completed we will have additional project to complete on this website. The next project will be to add additional feature to the that are the same that the company offers on their websites.

Please, email me if you are interested in this project and a sample of your work.


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