Interspire Email Marketer and power mta

Interspire Email Marketer and power mta


Job Description

We're trying to setup a bulk mailing platform and are looking for Email
Marketing Expert who can configure Interspire and Power MTA.

Below are some of the Features needed:

* The solution should be able use Multiple I.P addresses
* Should be able to rotate SMTP or I.P adrdress per hour or per email sent
* Configure the mail server & MTA to work securely and quickly
* Set up DKIM Signing, RDNS, PX, MX Records & SPF records, DNS and + EXIM
* Should be able to send between 200,000 to 500,000 per day with high Inbox Delivery.
* The system should be able to highlight blacklisted I.Ps.
* You should be able to add bulk emailer headers where needed in Power MTA
* Feedback loops

Skills: marketing

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