Web Developer - LinkedIn Tool


Job Description


SAPQuarters are an IT recruitment company. We use LinkedIn to communicate with candidates and reach out to the wider community with job alerts, event invitations and other content.


We are limited in the volume and reach of the content we post by the the time it takes to post it in status feeds and LinkedIn's groups.

We are looking for a web developer who can create either a browser extension, desktop application or web-based tool to automate this process for us. This will dramatically improve efficiency and drive sales, growing our already considerable presence on the website.

I am seeking quotes for the total cost of ownership of such a tool, inc. source code, instructions and expected time-frames for completion and user acceptance testing.


The agreed solution must have the functionality to store and use the log-in details for multiple LinkedIn profiles while avoiding conflict with LinkedIn that results from browser cookies.

Whether a web- or desktop-based application, the tool needs to be compatible with LinkedIn so that all text/graphic/hyperlink elements of a discussion post can be edited and then posted to a selection from the full list of groups of every profile.

As a follow-up action, the tool must perform an activity of 'liking' all posts we create to boost their popularity in groups and status feed updates.

Please contact me for a full Product Description that explains the required features in detail with screenshots of similar tools.

Skills: linkedin