Design a case for miniature electornic device

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Job Description

I need a case to be designed for a miniature electronic device. The case should take a shape of medallion, flat cylinder with a diameter of approximately 36mm and a thickness of approximately 6mm. Inside the case electronic device will be placed. I have detailed 3D drawings of the electronic device.

The case should consist of two detachable parts so that user can replace the battery.

Special care should be taken to design a locking mechanism. We decided to go with simple rod-and-hole locks. The bottom part of the case will have 1mm holes while the top will have rods which fits the holes. Locking will happen by utilizing force of friction between rods and holes. It should take some effort to open the case so that it does not open accidentally when device is in pocket or on keychain. Hope it makes sense.

Finally, note that design you make will be used to produce tooling for plastic moding. Since it cost significant amount of money to change the tooling you should be experienced enough to make the design (including locking mechanism) which works from the first attempt.

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