Children's iPad App Programmer


Job Description


We are developing an iPad App for children that will primarily consist of primarily static screens with buttons to navigate throughout. There will be a lot of picture and video uploading and/or capturing, as well as some ability to draw pictures and type various things. There will be very little complicated programming, but this is a list of a few things that will be slightly more involved:

1) Enabling the creation of a family tree, which will involve organizing family members in a logical structure and rearranging it as it grows.

2) Creation of a timeline of events that will start empty but allow for the addition of events and a creative way to scroll and zoom on various entries as the timeline expands.

3) Databasing - we will want to keep all content stored securely and allow users to enter new information while keeping old entries stored so they can return to previous entries.

4) Inter-App connectivity - we would like the ability to link between App accounts so that one user can share their content with the another user of the App. People will set up accounts and be able to share some of their content with other users by email or however the programmer sees fit. We are open to advice on this aspect.

The rest of the pages will be mostly allowing the entry of information and displaying pictures that the user will input as well as some art and icons that we will provide. Down the line we may want some minor animation but nothing very complicated.

There will be approximately 25 different "pages" to the App. We will provide all of the artwork but may need some help with creative input every now and then as far as how to best display some of the data.

If you need more details to give an accurate bid, I can provide some sample screenshots that show the layout if you are willing to sign an NDA.

Thanks so much for your time!