Code Name: GAMEAPP

Code Name: GAMEAPP


Job Description

We need to create a basic, fun game to interactively engage people to play.

More details will be mentioned AFTER we have agreed on a person (s) to help develop the app AND a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement to intellectual property rights is signed.

Priority one for a designer is that he/she know how to create an app using Apple and Android's platform first. The secondary platforms like Blackberry,
Symbian, Microsoft, will be later.


I'd like to personally invite you to apply to my job. Please review the job post and apply if you're available. Also, I am flexible about the pay to a certain limit because I don't want to over pay since my budget is very tight. I am hoping that if revenues are really generated from any of my apps, then I would be happy to share with you and this would be a bigger compensation to you. Initially for the beginning, we are all struggling to survive. I am looking for talented people who are eager to earn more in the mid-term and beyond. I await your responses and proposal. I wish to start any of the app development as soon as possible and launch online FAST.
The window of opportunity is good right now because of the game app Candy Crush generating about $900,000 US in revenues DAILY and a major bank introduced to put the company in the stock market with raising $5 BILLION US from investors! All for a simple game put on Facebook. With your technical savvy and my strong business man and strategic thinking, we can possibly have a great business relationship.