Need Assistant that can Make Videos,Editing, and also Email support, sales direct call

Need Assistant that can Make Videos,Editing, and also Email support, sales direct call


Job Description

Need help with my checking emails and answering questions and helping clients with questions, all the answers are on my site also email check ups on how the service went and ask them to do google reviews if sesrvice went well , call each client before appointmentand ask for $5 off for a good google review and we will send them the link for it.. we ran groupon and almost went out of business too many cheap people that never cleaned their cars ahha.. need organizing help im not good at it tech savvy person like me, knows how to download youtube vids social media mix of things 6 dollar a hour i have to also collect alot of tutorial type videos im creating a company that helps kids lear how to make music using diff software DAW and plug in tutorials

also need help with my account. i need to copy paste a certain description in each one of my videos which are in the 320 range. also if need someone that knows premier or any video editing software, editing skills, some flash if needed. also need help finding cool videos using im too youtube downloader we need to find and upload videos to my channel that pertain to the channel video range. so you would need computer and a good amount of space but delete after done ...

i also need help getting business for my business, so wordpress knowledge would be great. i dont think my form works. can you call local businesses here from my area if i give you a list ? and ask them if they can set up a interview for the owner to come in and present a demo?

im also launching a clothing brand and also have so i need help there also .. im geo targeting to dallas fort worth, tx for both businesses if anyone can do targeted seo and i have to see reporting and more traffic.

alot of email so english has to be very good at writing english. grammar and pronunciation blog help to for my hotelkingpin blogspot account or the other way around forgot

Skills: video, youtube, english, grammar