Job Description

We are looking for General Transcriptionists to join our team. Pay will depend on how many audio hours you successfully transcribe in a given amount of time. Our base pay starts at $11.00/audio hour.
Please read and understand the entire ad. before submitting an application.

*Applicants must have a good understanding of English GRAMMAR.
*You must have a reliable and stable Internet connection (we might ask that you run a speed test and send us a screen shot of the results during the interview).
*Must be willing to undergo a 2 day training.
*If applying for a full time position, we require you to be online daily, Monday to Friday to receive audio files early in the day to meet the clients specified TAT.
*If applying for a part time position, we ask that you submit your availability on a weekly basis and that you follow the schedule you submit.
*Must have good work ethics. We ask that you list 2 character references and 2 professional references. Please include their contact details. Failure to do this will disregard your application
*Must be professional and have good communication skills.

*Must pass an English grammar test.
*Must pass a short and timed transcription test. The submitted transcript should be at least 98% accurate or better.
*Must have a microphone for the interview (please obtain a Skype ID if you intend to apply).

*Must submit contact information and 2 working and active contact numbers.

Skills: english, test, grammar, paypal