Language & Culture Nuances Translation

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Job Description

We have a ~20 slide Prezi (presentation software) that will be done this Thursday. We need it translated into the following languages, if you know one or more, please contact us:

UPDATE: There are more documents that need to be translated as well as three new languages that need to be covered:


If you know one of the above three languages then please apply. Everyone that's been shortlisted will receive an email shortly with instructions.

Latin America - Spanish/Portuguese
Mexico - Spanish
Pacific Rim - Mandarin
China - Mandarin
Australia - English
Canada - English
India - Hindi
North Africa - Arabic
South Africa - English
EU (Brussels) - Dutch & French
Germany - High German
Japan - Japanese
Middle East (Saudi Arabia) - Hejazi Arabic
South Korea - Korean
Israel - Hebrew
Southeast Asia - Mandarin
Indonesia - Indonesian
Philippines - Filipino

You will need to know all the cultural nuances for each region (i.e. what colors are good/bad, are we using words that are taboo?, etc.) as well as proper translation into the indicated language.

If you are selected, we'll send you a PDF of the presentation slides and you'll need to indicate any faux pas that we might not know of... once those are fixed, you'll need to create a word document with slide-by-slide translation in the appropriate language so that we can copy/paste into the presentation.

You need to be aware of the appropriate business jargon for the language you know and your grammar must be well structured.