Keyboard Player / Audio Engineer Producer / Dubstep Remixer

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Job Description

This is our standards

1, No excuses

2, All answers are always yes (within reason :)

3, Will meet deadlines & aim to achieve overall turnarounds

Looking for long term pro keyboard player / audio engineer / songwriters to write on commercial dance music & dubstep tracks.

The candidate must 100% have the ability to re-create melodies, hooks, baselines, riffs in both rhythm and sound form from current pop songs.

We would send you a song reference probably a youtube video.

You would then recreate the main elements of that song and then arrange a dubstep song consisting of around 3:30, if theres vocals from the reference we send you then you would create a DIY acapella over the top which we would get a vocalist to copy

The song does not need to be mixed or mastered, your skills are only required to write the cover versions in a dubstep format ( to our standards, we can provide drum arrangements to expedite the process) you then lay timed sampled vocals. Once complete you send us the stems to the sounds + all midi files.

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