DMS check / build

DMS check / build


Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Zend-Framework programmer to assist in building a DMS.
The existing system (open source) is already designed for manual/automated document, email generating and filing processing.

Knowledge of DMS is a must !
Knowledge of workflows in financial legal business is required since the system (main language is english) has been developed for this industry.

You will need to have substantial knowledge and experience with the following technologies:

1. Zend-framework
3. MySQL and SQL queries
4. Windows SBS 2008 / 2010 / Open Office
6. Java
7. OCR (indexing)
8. Adobe PDF (including certificates, secured, etc)
9. Cloud / archive / dropbox

The system includes a lot of different aspects / workflows, such as finance, administrative and operational tasks, all related to documents and e-mails.

Contractor requirements:

We need a developer with whom we can interact online. We prefer to communicate via Skype.
There may also be video conferences with other professionals so it’s imperative that you speak English fluently.

Initially we would like to do the following with the developer:

1. Discuss the design and structure of the current software
2. We require someone that can test on a high scope level the current software in order to detect optimization opportunities, as well as review already recognized problems in the software
3. After initial analysis discuss possibilities for future development of the software or design a new DMS system based upon template of the existing software

How to apply

In your cover letter, please indicate your experience in the listed technologies. Specifically highlight your experience with the above mentioned technologies.

In addition, please include your proficiency with English and your level of comfort with speaking with other professionals on an ongoing basis.

About the company

We own a group of companies located in various jurisdictions in Europe using one hardware platform supporting a fully digitized environment for all offices.
All employees work via VPN with the hardware platform and the contained software.

Remuneration :

Please note that the initial work, item 1 and 2 mentioned above will be remunerated on an hourly basis but within a time frame and budget range to be discussed with you. Item three will be remunerated based upon a budget with milestones.

Skills: english, pdf, finance