Spiritual Care Plan (Nurses are welcome here!)


Job Description

We are currently looking for 8 contractors to complete our spiritual team. Your job is to do spiritual care plan for different patients confined in a institution. Your intervention is mainly for spiritual care and complimentary alternative medicine (different modalities in nursing care eg: massage therapy, music therapy, dancing etc).

Applicants must be willing to work immediately. We'll give bonuses for a job well done.


This a sample case that you would work on. Make a spiritual care plan and include different kinds of holistic care modalities (eg. massage therapy, music, aromatherapy etc). Write the interventions and the rationales.

Case Study
Nurse 1: You seem kind of down today, Randy.
Patient 1: Oh, I’ll be okay.
Nurse 2: What seems to be the trouble?
Patient 2: It’s the same old thing, I’ll learn to live with it, but some time I wonder what’s the use..
Nurse 3: You seem pretty discouraged..
Patient 3: Exam week starts today and here I am, right where I was last exam week. I’ll never finish college this way. I’m planning on going into seminary when I get through. I’m sure God is calling me to be a pastor. I’m a lay evangelist in my church now and I’m sure God is calling me into the ministry. But according to all statistics I probably won’t even live long enough to finish college.. kind of fruitless isn’t it.
Nurse 4: Would it help if I prayed with you?
Patient 4: Hey, that would be great!
Nurse 5: Father you know how discouraged Randy is. Sometimes the things you call us to do just don’t make sense, and it’s frustrating. Thank you Lord, that You are using Randy in ministry and preparing him to further serve you. Encourage him Lord. Strengthen him to continue to sense your purpose and direction his life. In Jesus name, Amen.
Patient 5: [tears in eyes] It’s great to know God cares. Sometimes I forget. I guess that’s why I get so depressed.