Job Description

We are a new company in the tech area developing mobile solutions for emergency situations.

The logo will need to convey the vibe of the company, the service we are providing is a serious one but we are not particularly serious people - we like to joke around and have fun.

The logo is for a product line called ZakPac - to give you a sense of how we think "Zak" stands for Zombie Apocalypse Kit - the logo will be used on a mobile app, website, bags and clothing.

We do not want the logo to represent zombies or the apocalypse. Our target market is families so it will need to appeal to dad, mum? and the kids.

It is not to be corporate or too cute. We are open to suggestions on colours but please be aware that the logo will form the basis for our branding ie webpage.

The mascot, Zak, is something we want to develop over time so a full blown design is not necessarily needed here but he will need to be compatible with the logo so concept designs will be important.

Zak is most likely a zombie but not one from a horror movie - he needs to be friendly enough that my 7 year old daughter likes him but have enough character the a 35 yr old guy won't think him to childish - big call? Maybe but it can be done, Abe from Abe’s Oddysee is one such character that pulls that off... obviously we don't want an Abe clone.
In the future we will want various renderings of Zak in different poses etc so there will be on going work with this project.

There is a high possibility that there will be ongoing graphic design work ie banners, wallpapers etc. It is our hope that we will find an artist who we can work with in an ongoing relationship as we grow our company.

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