We need a Logo designer to redesign the image of our company


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We are looking to build trust, we want to re design our logo, we are a auto dealership that works with people that have bad credit. We are looking to regain the trust for our company. Attached is a copy of our logo, we need to redesign this in a positive way. included should in the redesign of the logo should be complete redesign of our image and of the interior of our store

Industry : Automotive
Age: 21 to 60
Sex: both
Location Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Income 24,000 to 36,000
Occupation: Blue collar, certified nursing asistant, low income jobs etc
Education High school, some college
Industry , all

Interests, Build their credit
Lifestyle: disorganized
Behavior , strong and uneducated
Opinions: diverse
Values: N/A

What are the Top 3 three things you would like to communicate to your audience through your logo? Trust - Opportunity - bad credit

Styles that we are interested in :
A wordmark consists of the company name in a stylized type and may include small abstract or pictorial elements. Famous examples include:

Web 2.0
Although there is no official description of "Web 2.0" logos, some common elements can include: vibrant colors, subtle 3d feel, bold type, color transitions, and shadows.

Letterform Mark
Typically uses a very small amount of letters (1-2) to represent the organization.

Abstract Mark
Uses abstract shapes and symbols to convey an idea or attribute about the organization.

Pictorial Mark
A pictorial mark uses literal or representative imagery to symbolize the brand.

Here's a list of colors that we would like, not all of them of course :)
Red - Passion, Anger, Stop, Battle, Love, Blood
Yellow - Joy, Intellect, Caution, Cowardice, Youth
Green - Fertility, Wealth, Healing, Sucess, Growth
White - Perfection, Purity, Wedding, Clean, Virtue
Blue - Knowledge, Trustworthy, Tranquility, Calm, Peace, Cool
Black - Fear, Secrecy, Death, Luxury
Purple - Royalty, Wisdom, Spirituality, Imagination
Orange - Creativity, Invigoration, Unique, Energy
Grey - Sophisticated, Neutrality, Uncommitted

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