Experienced, driven and disciplined VA talent needed!


Job Description

Seeking an experienced, driven and disciplined virtual assistant to work on a variety of projects on an ongoing weekly basis.

We are a writing house seeking VA to support us in email marketing and follow-schedules with potential clients. You are expected to active around Singapore time zone (between 10am to 10pm) Monday to Friday. Sometimes, Saturday halfday to be active (between 10am to 2pm)

The selected candidate will have experience in the following areas:

- Internet research and the ability to use Google to find opportunities to promote our content on other blogs.
- Experience using Gmail.
- Excellent email etiquette. Polite and tactful in reply is important.
- Strong English spelling and grammar skills are a must.
- Responsive, reliable help is necessary

You'll be working on several things, including:
- Email marketing
- Customer service support and servicing
- Appointments and scheduling
- Internet research

Each position will start work at 5 hours per week, which can be worked during flexible hours that are convenient for you.

Each week you'll receive a list of tasks on Monday to be completed during the current work week (due before Friday). There is a possibility of an extension to more hours per week in the future, depending on need.

If you're interested, please apply and answer the following questions:
1. What makes you think that you are suitable for this role?
2. What makes you different than other candidates?
3. How often do you check your email?
4. What's your availability?

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