Minor bug fixes in MODx based web application

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I have an existing web application that is built upon the MODx CMS platform, and I need someone who can perform routine bug fixes and maintenance. Initial requirements will be small, specifically defined bugs/tickets in my ActiveCollab system, allowing you to get familiar with the code. Based upon your performance on the introductory tasks, additional tickets may be assigned, leading to more complex feature developments.

Your initial responsibility will be to setup a virtual machine using Ubuntu as the OS. You will need to provide me with a valid SSH key, so I can add you to my gitolite source code repository. Your work will be committed to a development branch and pushed to my repository server for review. This way, I can review/test your work before accepting it and merging it into my master branch. I will allow up to 4 hours to perform these setup tasks, download the source code, install/configure MODx and the custom packages (I have shell scripts to completely automate this process) and get familiar with the code.