Live Transfer Leads - Please Read Carefully

Live Transfer Leads - Please Read Carefully


Job Description

I am looking for a proficient cold caller to do live transfer leads for me. I will pay per lead that is successfully transferred to me, that is warm and ready to make an appointment.

You MUST be an excellent cold-caller and be very familiar with live transfer leads and have the experience to show your past successes. You must also be excellent in written and spoken English. I am looking for someone with a neutral accent only. Please be aware of both of these qualifications before applying. You must also be available during regular U.S. business hours.

Please be aware, my fixed price that I have listed is just random and not my real budget. So, in closing, please include these things in your application: your price PER live transfer, your past experience and success in cold calling and live transfers, and a voice sample so I know what you sound like.

I look forward to interviewing you!