Dog Mascot - CONTEST


Job Description

We are starting a new software company and will be using a dog as our mascot. This job is a contest where only ONE person (The Winner) will get paid.

This can be an on going project as we will need multiple web site images, a web site design to match the mascot, weekly comic strip, and UI Icons for the program to match the style as well. So your design will get bonus points if you have those skills as well.

His name is "Max" and is a dog who makes money buying and selling on ebay and other market places.

Please include the following as your submission:
* Your mascot as JPG (with watermark)
* Your hourly rate for future work.

Bonus for submission:
* Examples of any web site Art design you have done
* Examples of any comic strips you have done
* Examples of any icon work you have done
* Multiple submissions allowed

Direction for the Mascot:
* Can be computer rendered or hand drawn
* Can be 3-D or flat
* Dog should be "cool" but cute
* Dog should be able to walk on two feet
* Dog should be wearing a shirt with the picture of a "barcode" (as in a UPC code) on the front
* Allowed but not required: Can wear a hat, sunglasses, pants.
* Any breed allowed.
* Color Only

Skills: design