Looking for regular iphone/ios app development tutoring. Can you help?

Looking for regular iphone/ios app development tutoring. Can you help?


Job Description

Ok so I have about 3-4 years experience in Ruby/Ruby on Rails development, I've dabbled in PHP and a few of the PHP frameworks for a few years but for the past few months have become really interested in the whole app development scene.

I've been teaching myself app development from the ground up. Started with learning C, then enough objective-c to get things moving and now cocoa-touch. After work I work up until bedtime and dedicated my whole weekend to practicing and going through books.

The reason I'd like a tutor is because it would save hours of googling and waiting for answers to questions I post on forums etc. I'd like a better understanding and some good tutoring. This combined with my private revision will speed things up a bit for me. Currently work in the telecoms/TELCO industry and would like a change. I'd like to move closer to something related more to my qualifications, something I'm much more passionate about.

I'd like a tutor that can offer an hour once a week or even more depending on price. Lessons will be online as this would be the cheapest for both and would open the doors to international programmers. When it comes to communication there are several options to choose from such as Skype, teamviewer etc. As long as it works and is OSX compatible then I'm fine with it.

So feel free to contact me if you're an expert iphone app developer with a few hours a week to spare.

Kind Regards