Survey Monkey Data Extractor & Graph/Report Creator

Survey Monkey Data Extractor & Graph/Report Creator


Job Description

Our organization surveyed our employees regarding their engagement and satisfaction with our organization. We asked them questions about our company mission, organizational communication, respect in the workplace, and about teamwork and collaboration. Each question asked them to Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree or Strongly Disgree with the statement. They could also choose to remain neutral. The respondents to the survey also identified themselves within a certain job title and work location. We are looking for someone to extract the data from Survey Monkey and put it into a usable and functional report including graphs. We would like to be able to sort this data and create reports based on work location and job title as well as show overall survey results. We have the data to share in multiple formats including excel and pdf. We have an example of what the end results should look like.

The ideal candidate will have done this before with Survey Monkey data. They will have access to Excel, Access or some other special software that manipulates survey data and creates graphs/charts. The candidate will have an understanding of Survey Monkey. The candidate will need to keep data confidential.

Skills: spss