Mobile Optimized Site


Job Description

We need a contractor to create a duplicate of our existing site that is mobile optimized.Our current site has too much tied to the back-end to re-engineer for mobile so we want a new front-end that is mobile-optimized and responsive to different browsers built in wordpress.

Our email campaigns have become less effective over time because so many of the emails are being opened on a phone and our page is not optimized for mobile viewing.

I am looking for suggestions on how to best accomplish this. I want to know what language you would do it in and why, as well as see some previous work.

The site will consist of 6-10 pages - two with videos. We will discuss the best way to present the videos on mobile devices.After the video plays a pop up with a "Click to Call" message will appear.

We already have the videos, the content and the number for click to call.

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