multi client payment system Desktop Module


Job Description

The application need to communicate with a web-server (JSON/XML based api)
and be enter payment from different locations. The application will be tied to a system mac address.

In the application the user should be see two types of payments

1) Prepaid mobile recharges
2) Bill/other payments payments

Form for prepaid recharges will have below fields
1) Select operator
2) Mobile number
3) Confirm mobile number
4) Amount
5) confirm Amount
6) button to confirm recharge


1) after posting details to server the api will provide a unique recharge number
2)the system has to check status of the recharge every 2/3 seconds synchronously(i.e. one after the other) until the pending status changes to successful or failed.
3) A system popup should appear saying recharge has been successful or failed.

For Bill/Other payments payments

fields are
1) Select biller
2) enter account number
3) confirm account number
4) Amount
5) Confirm Amount
6) Pay button


On posting to the API it will give the unique payment id and receiving it confirms payment.


Payment(Including recharges)

Daily/ weekly/ monthly/ period Payment report.

Recharge report
Daily/ weekly/ monthly/ period

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