Create Emergency Contact Form in Microsoft Word


Job Description

I need someone to create an emergency contact form for use by a babysitter or daycare service using Microsoft Word. I will eventually need other forms like this, so this form needs to specifically include fields for the kind of details required by a daycare service. The details for this would obviously be somewhat different than an emergency contact form for an employee or other group of people. The job involves two steps:

1. Researching what should go on this kind of form and how it should be formatted. You can't just copy the layout of an existing form. You may look at other forms to create a list of items to include, but the layout should be your own. You will need to submit an outline of what will be on the form and how it will be organized before moving to step 2.

2. Creating the form. The form should have adequate space for someone to write their information and be formatted to logically group similar items together. I don't need anything fancy in terms of design, but the form should look professional.

Please note that I will be distributing this as a download online, so only apply if you are OK with this. If you want to apply, please provide examples of similar work you have done. This can be either as an attachment or a link to your portfolio.

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