Chinese sourcing, logistic management, order processing

Chinese sourcing, logistic management, order processing


Job Description


We sell products from a company in shenzhen and we are looking for an agent or a company who can receive parcels from this company, proceed them (packaging, writing address) and send them to our customers all around the world (Europe,US) (logistic)?

We have between 5 to 20 orders per week.

All our orders have to be sent with a tracking number and it can be express shipping (FEDEX,DHL) or normal (Singapost). Every order have to be proceed the same day you will receive it.

Please answer about every question when you apply :

- Do you agree to work on fixed price per order (comission)?
- Do you have similar experience in your last work ?
- Are you able to provide us tracking number the same day that you send the order (in xls file)?
- Is it possible to join you by phone,whatsapp and gmail ?

Last question (very important!)

- Can you please give us the shipping fees estimation you can provide for :

- an express parcel 0.5 KG
- an express parcel 1KG
- an express parcel 1.5 KG
- a normal parcel 0.3 KG
- a normal parcel 0.5 KG
- a normal parcel 1 KG

Thank you