Web design


Job Description

Web designer who is fluent in English and American grammar.
First project: We need a website that client log in and choose a lab test from menu , click on disclaimer (and we able to be able to retrieve it later of client agreement) and pick different packages or specific blood test and then pick a lab on the map (we have about 20 locations) then pay with credit card then print the receipt. after testing done , we also would be able to enter the test result and data in and client log in and see his/her test result.
website needs to be with icon and 3d looking button and attractive appearance , I don't want any boring 2D template, I prefer Dreamweaver so we could change some variable in future and hosting it in our godaddy hosting site.
We would like that website to be wide in lenght.
Second project: Medical forum website, discussing specific medical condition and moderator be able to delete comment or organize the site.

You have to be very experienced , preferably has done similar project, and communicative and perfectionist.