User Interface Design Specialist

User Interface Design Specialist


Job Description

I am in search for a user interface designer for a mobile news app..Looking for someone with creative interface wireframe ideas. and the skills in putting together a wireframe for mobile news app. I have the idea and main target. Jusy need alittle help making it all come together. I will describe the app in keywords to see who can pitch me the best idea. the price is really negotiable based on the concept. Below are the things you need to think about when coming up with the user interface.
users can view post in more attractive easy readable way
App Keywords:
-what are your Interest


-Post : users can post some cool content (idk surprise me :-))

- Accounts : can read post from your {Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc}

- Map: see stuff around you

-Profile - new innovative layout (i have idea already for this you can come up with something as well if you like)

*this will be for iphone app and web app

Price is very negotiable depending on creativity and the amount of interest
Most Create full wireframe for concept

Example apps: feedly and Flipboard