Need an Accountant who REALLY knows U.S. Form 2555

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Job Description

I'm a private U.S. citizen with a rather simple request.

I live in Japan, and have job income in Japan and investment income in the USA. I need an accountant who REALLY understands the USA foreign earned income exclusion law (form 2555). I have a permanent resident visa in Japan and visit the USA once a year for vacation. But the IRS still hounds me to pay USA taxes. The current foreign earned income exclusion is $97,600. I make nowhere near that much, but the IRS still wants taxes from me.

Though I of course don't want to break the law, I need an accountant with some creativity to get around paying taxes unnecessarily.

This job would include:
1) my personal income tax
2) income from my iPhone/Android application development business, and
3) perhaps my Japanese taxes (I can send you the PDF help files).

I'm not making much in the app business, so my personal income would be the main thing. With my permanent residency, I can choose to pay worldwide taxes to Japan or the USA. Your job would be to MINIMIZE my USA taxes.

I would need you only during tax season, so hopefully this job would be a breeze to you!

When responding to this request, begin your replay with the code word "brain stem" so I know you read whole thing. THANKS!